Before making decisions about vaccination, it's important to get the facts.
This site was created to help you do just that. Here, you'll find information on vaccines:
how they work, what's in them, benefits and risks, and more.

Scroll down to learn about common vaccine myths

Most vaccines for children
only help prevent mild diseases.

Many diseases can be serious.
Choosing not to vaccinate may
put your child at risk.

It's better to build up immunity
by getting the disease than by
getting vaccinated.

Vaccinating helps children build up
defenses while reducing the
chances of getting sick from the disease.

My child only needs
school-required vaccines.

The CDC recommends vaccines
for preteens—even beyond the ones
required by many schools.

The newer vaccines haven't
been thoroughly tested.

Before it's made available to the public,
a vaccine must be studied for many years.
Even after approval, vaccines continue to be
monitored for safety.

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