Questions to ask your health care professional

It’s important to have a conversation with your doctor or your pharmacist about vaccination. But where do you start? To help ensure you get the information you need, we’ve compiled a list of questions to consider asking.

Print a copy of this list to take with you to your next medical appointment or visit to the pharmacy.

About vaccines…

What is vaccination?

How do vaccines work?

Why are vaccinations important?

Which diseases can vaccines help prevent?

Are vaccines administered only as shots?

What should I do if I experience a side effect?

After vaccination, can I get the disease that the vaccine is supposed to help prevent?

About adult vaccinations…

Which vaccines are recommended for me?

Will I need “booster shots” for any of the vaccines I’ve received in the past?

Which vaccines require more than 1 dose?

What happens if I don’t get all recommended vaccines?

What happens if I don’t get all doses recommended for a certain vaccine?

What happens if I’m late getting a dose?

Other questions to ask…

Why is the vaccination schedule set the way it is? Who decides?

Should I keep my own vaccination records?

Do you offer vaccines? If not, where can I go to get them?

How much will these vaccines cost me?

What if my insurance doesn’t cover vaccines or I don’t have insurance?

Vaccination schedules

- Vaccination schedule for adults (19 years and older)

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Asking your doctor about vaccines

A doctor suggests questions to ask your health care professional about vaccines for you and your family

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Questions to ask your HCP
Questions about vaccination
Common questions about vaccination

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