What are vaccines?
How your immune system works

Before getting into vaccines, let’s talk a bit about how your immune system works. Your immune system is designed to help protect you from “germs” like viruses and bacteria that may enter your body and make you sick. When germs enter your body, your immune system

begins to produce proteins called

antibodies [ANN-‘tee-‘bod-‘eez].

Antibodies can attack and help destroy bacteria and viruses.

Your immune system makes antibodies that help destroy disease-causing germs.
How vaccines work
Vaccines are made using killed or weakened viruses or bacteria. When these are introduced to your body in the form of a vaccine, your immune system recognizes them and learns how to create antibodies to defend itself against future infection.
Vaccines ‘teach’ your body how to produce antibodies and defend against future infection.

Your immune system is always hard at work. In fact, you’re exposed to thousands of germs every day!

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Vaccines can help to protect our health

Hear how vaccination can help protect us from infectious diseases.

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Questions about vaccination
Common questions about vaccination

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